With our outsourcing solutions, get employees that are ready to work immediately without needing any visa or work permit changes.

With our special outsourcing service, you can make savings on your manpower recruitment. Our service is compliant with local labour laws and helps you fulfill your short and long-term labour needs. With this service, you can free up your visa quotas and we manage all the HR needs for your project. 

Talk to one of our dedicated team members to understand your needs so we can make the best recommendation.

Providing Fully Compliant Visa And Payrolling Services Across UAE

Our promise is to act as a trusted partner and we guarantee a local authority and labour law compliant service that will help fulfil your strategic objectives and operational requirements with the highest levels of professionalism and efficiency, for situations such as the ones listed below:

  • Looking for a cost saving, flexible workforce solution
  • You don’t have a budget for perm headcount
  • Need to free up internal resources
  • Need additional resources for a fixed-term project
  • Need cover for maternity and annual leave

As part of the service you will get:

  • Strategic planning in alignment with business objectives
  • Implementation and continuous improvement
  • Operational management including; performance reviews, candidate care and issue resolution
  • Account management service compliant with all SLAs, contract agreements and KPIs
  • On-going performance evaluation

We provide recruiting and employment services in several specific areas of the construction industry.

Domestic service, the employment of hired workers by private households for the performance of tasks such as housecleaning, cooking, child care, gardening, and personal service.

Outsourcing is an agreement in which one company hires another company to be responsible for a planned or existing activity that is or could be done internally, and sometimes involves transferring employees and assets from one firm to another.

Talentscout Team

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